Jan 11,2023
OKK Brand Origin
The founding team members of brand OKK are all from well-known domestic brands. They all endeavor to endow products with feelings, stick to their dreams while building the brand, and often get together to discuss business and management. Some heavy smokers cannot help but "blow a cloud" even at parties, which causes a lot of trouble for non-smokers. Therefore, some people suggest that smokers should switch to e-cigarettes, as e-cigarettes can ease the addiction of smokers, and produces no second-hand smoke or odor, making smoking acceptable for both. When choosing an e-cigarette, we find that, among varieties of brands in the market, most are low-cost products with a strong sense of plastic, and that there is few high-end product with an outstanding appearance and guaranteed quality. In view of this, the founding team decided, “We will make high-end e-cigarettes for ourselves.” In March 2019, Shenzhen OKK Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. was duly established, with OKK as its brand.

OKK, which means OK and better, represents our original intention — to provide high-quality products and services for people who pursue quality in both work and life; to uphold the brand concept of “being comfortable, pleasant and friendly”, and to find a way for users to enjoy the ease and delight of smoking and bring friendliness rather than trouble to people around them.
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WARNING:This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.
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