Breathe Freely, It's OKK
OKK Brand
OKK is an e-cigarette brand owned by OKK International (Hong Kong) CO., Limited. With ease, pleasure and friendliness as the essence of its product experience, brand OKK holds onto independent R&D and masters the core product technologies. It focuses on creating high-end products featuring simple design and classic style for those who are fond of atomized e-cigarette and pursue quality in both work and life.
Being Comfortable, Pleasant and Friendly
  • Self-Development Technology
    OKK has established a lab for independent product development. The lab can carry out chemistry experiments, physical tests, and reliability tests, which is a one-stop for product inspection and monitoring. Before we send our products including devices and vape pods to do tests, OKK will conduct the quality and safety examinations first to ensure the quality and safety.
  • Pursuit Of Quality
    From raw materials to auxiliary ones, from design to production, OKK strictly implements 50 high standards in every process. Each product comes from a GMP class100,000 cleanroom, undergoes a number of tests and certififications by third-party institutions and meets international standards.
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WARNING:This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.
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