Jan 11,2023
Are E-cigarettes Harmful?

Are e-cigarettes harmful? This is a question that many consumers who switch from cigarettes to e-cigarettes are very concerned about. No one on the Internet has given any authoritative explanation. Now lets compare e-cigarettes with traditional cigarettes to see what harm e-cigarettes do.


1. What is the electronic cigarette


The first thing to explain is that real cigarettes and e-cigarettes are two things, a concept that most people dont know. In terms of smoke, one is the solid particles produced after combustion, and the other is the mist produced after the liquid is atomized at high temperatures. The former is smoked bacon, and the latter is drinking oil. These are purely two concepts. Another fact that is easily misunderstood by everyone is that e-cigarettes are not smoking cessation products. Its principle is to use nicotine to solve physical addiction and use simulated smoke and the taste of simulated smoke to solve psychological addiction, to achieve the effect of real smoke.




Another situation is that in the end, the real cigarette is quit, but the e-cigarette is addicted. This situation is very common. The friends in the e-cigarette enthusiast group I belong to this situation. At the beginning of smoking, most of my friends may feel that they are not as good as real cigarettes, because the e-liquid itself does not contain tar, and there is still a certain degree of difference in taste from real cigarettes.


2. Why choose electronic cigarettes


The difference between electronic cigarettes and real cigarettes is roughly as follows:


1) Electronic cigarettes do not contain tar, carbon monoxide, and other harmful substances that almost all cigarettes have. It only contains nicotine, and nicotine itself is not harmful, it is just an addictive thing. Of course, you cant take too much. If you smoke 8 packs of real cigarettes a day, you will also be poisoned by nicotine. Of course, before the poisoning, you may directly ascend to heaven with the help of other ingredients.


2) E-cigarettes hardly produce second-hand smoke. What they produce is a relatively small amount of mist that does not make people feel unpleasant. Compared with the second-hand smoke of real smoke, the impact on people around is almost negligible.


3) E-cigarettes can artificially control the content of nicotine, can gradually reduce the content of nicotine during use, and cooperate with one's own will, which may eventually achieve the effect of smoking cessation.

Why choose electronic cigarettes? Domestic smokers say this

Mr. Huang used to smoke e-cigarettes, and his understanding of e-cigarettes is that "it is not as easy to smoke as ordinary cigarettes". When he first started smoking, he felt a little unaccustomed to smoking. "Can't get enough of smoking."


Why choose electronic cigarettes? here are some former smokers saying.

Several former smokers said they quit regular cigarettes within days of using e-cigarettes. "I'm breathing better and I'm sleeping better," said Greg Hyster, 42. He worked in information systems in Atlanta and has smoked for over 20 years. Ms. Bascocelos, the aforementioned e-cigarette seller, started smoking at the age of 14, at one point smoking two packs a day. She tried nicotine patches and a few other things to help her quit smoking, but without success. At the beginning of 2009, she started to buy electronic cigarettes and has been using them until now.


Why choose e-cigarettes? American scientific research institutions say so

Dr. Joel Nizchi of the American Association of Public Health Physicians' Tobacco Control Group said e-cigarettes may be the most promising smoking cessation product on the market today. He said the product should be regulated to ensure production standards. Some scientists also believe that electronic cigarettes avoid the process of burning tobacco, so the harm may be much less than that of ordinary cigarettes because cancer and diseases caused by smoking are mainly caused by toxins produced during tobacco burning.


3. The dangers of electronic cigarettes


E-cigarettes are heated to water vapor and contain liquid nicotine. So, when it comes to lung cancer, e-cigarettes are much safer than traditional cigarettes. However, e-cigarettes use heated liquid nicotine. The key word in this sentence is nicotine. Nicotine is bad for your body no matter how you use it. According to researchers, nicotine constricts blood vessels and increases blood pressure, while also putting stress on the heart. Because, in essence, e-cigarettes are harmful to health because they can cause heart attacks and strokes. The difference between electronic cigarettes and conventional cigarettes is that the former may cause cancer and heart disease, while the latter can cause heart disease. Also be aware that the risk of heart disease can be prevented by taking preventive measures such as exercising, eating low-fat foods, and just taking good care of yourself. All in all, e-cigarettes are bad for your health, or at least they can be. But overall, they are much less harmful than regular cigarettes.



If you want to compare the hazards with traditional cigarettes, you should talk more about the hazards of its manufacturing materials, e-liquid, and other supporting products, especially the hazards of inferior electronic cigarettes.


1) First of all, to achieve better results, some unscrupulous merchants may add harmful substances to electronic cigarette liquids, such as diethylene glycol instead of propylene glycol, nitrosamines, plasticizers, heavy metals, etc., which will affect the human body. Cause a lot of damage. According to personal preference, spices such as chocolate and mint are added to the e-liquid. The quality of the spice directly determines the harm of the e-liquid.


2) Secondly, some electronic cigarettes use batteries of poor quality. Such lithium batteries have not passed mandatory safety and quality certification. Putting such lithium batteries in a small volume of electronic cigarettes is like putting a time bomb in your mouth In the first half of the year, the electronic cigarette exploded in the mouth of smokers in the United States, which was caused by this type of lithium battery.


3) In addition, some merchants add excessive nicotine to e-cigarettes, which may cause dizziness, nausea, and vomiting to users in mild cases, and may cause poisoning in severe cases.


4) In addition, many e-cigarettes on the market claim that "you can quit smoking within 7 days, and you will get a refund if you fail", etc., one-sidedly exaggerating the auxiliary effect of e-cigarettes on smoking cessation and boasting that e-cigarettes are magical quitting effects that can be quit after smoking, resulting in Many smokers buy with high psychological expectations and wrong understanding. After using it, they find that it is not as amazing as advertised, so they are extremely disappointed and misunderstand the product. Cigarettes have returned to the embrace of harmful cigarettes, greatly reducing the enthusiasm and confidence in quitting smoking.


5)There are counterfeit and shoddy products in the e-cigarette market, and frequent accidents: There have been many counterfeit and shoddy e-cigarette products at home and abroad, and serious accidents caused by quality problems have aroused the attention and criticism of e-cigarette products from the media of various countries.




4. Preventive measures

Understand the principle, the preventive measures are very clear. Try to choose e-cigarettes produced by legitimate manufacturers, especially e-liquids produced by legitimate manufacturers. E-liquids are generally marked with nicotine content, so choose e-liquids with low nicotine content, and dont choose e-liquids with high nicotine content for fun. Don't be greedy for cheap, stay away from fake and shoddy.

Therefore, it is recommended that you choose a regular brand of electronic cigarettes! Minors are strongly prohibited from using it!

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