May 10,2023
OKK to Respond to France's Call by Introducing More New Replaceable Cartridge E-cigarettes
Recently, French Minister of Health Braun announced that France will consider banning disposable e-cigarette products by the end of 2023 to protect minors from the harm of smoking and reduce environmental pressure. This ban may become part of France's new five-year anti-smoking plan in the future. Although France has banned the sale of e-cigarettes to minors, disposable e-cigarettes still attract minors with sweet, fruity flavors, and low prices. In addition, the shell, atomizer core, and battery of disposable e-cigarettes are not recyclable, which puts great pressure on the environment.

In this context, OKK actively designs and develops replaceable cartridge e-cigarettes to reduce environmental pressure and provide a healthier smoking choice for minors. OKK's replaceable cartridge e-cigarettes use replaceable cartridge design, which can be used multiple times after a one-time purchase, eliminating the need to buy disposable e-cigarettes. This not only saves consumers money but also reduces the burden on the environment. Replaceable cartridge e-cigarettes also have other advantages, such as better nicotine content control and easier maintenance and cleaning.

Currently, OKK has launched two popular replaceable cartridge e-cigarettes, OK2 and CROSS, and another new product is under development, expected to be released in the second half of this year. These products meet the French government's requirements for environmental protection and the protection of minors' health and can help consumers get rid of the negative effects of disposable e-cigarettes. At the same time, these products also have better user experience and more personalized choices.

As a global e-cigarette brand expanding in the market, OKK will also actively comply with local laws and regulations. This time, OKK will also respond to France's call by designing and developing more environmentally friendly and healthier replaceable cartridge e-cigarettes to provide better choices for consumers. These products can reduce environmental pressure while protecting minors' health.
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