Jun 08,2023
OKK GRIT - Embark on a Journey of Liberating Vaping Pleasure
Dear vaping enthusiasts, OKK presents to you its latest masterpiece - GRIT! As a refillable pod system, GRIT offers you unlimited freedom of choice and personalized experiences.

The allure of GRIT lies in its refillable pods, allowing you to select your favorite e-liquid according to your preferences. Each pod can be refilled up to 7 times, providing you with long-lasting enjoyment of your vaping experience. With its convenient side-fill design, GRIT saves you time and effort during the pod replacement process, enabling you to focus more on the delightful flavors of your chosen e-liquids.
To ensure a durable and stable vaping experience, GRIT is equipped with a rechargeable 420mAh battery and features a convenient Type-C charging interface, freeing you from the hassle of frequent recharging.
As a proud member of the OKK brand, GRIT utilizes OKKcoil atomizer cores to deliver even and consistent vaporization, resulting in pure and rich tobacco flavors. Coupled with its 11W power output, GRIT allows you to savor an exceptional vaping experience with an immersive taste that transports you to the world of tobacco.

In addition to its outstanding performance, GRIT boasts a stunning design. The physical rod, made from high-quality PC material, offers a premium feel and comfortable grip, enhancing your overall vaping experience. Its stylish and eye-catching appearance serves as a testament to your unique personality and taste, making it a fashion statement that sets you apart.

GRIT is not just an electronic cigarette product; it represents the embodiment of personal expression and the elevation of tobacco enjoyment. It offers limitless freedom of choice and personalized experiences, allowing you to fill your pods according to your desires and indulge in flavors that are exclusively yours. Whether you're socializing with friends or enjoying a tranquil moment alone, GRIT will be your intimate companion, enabling you to immerse yourself in the marvelous charm it brings, anytime and anywhere.
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WARNING:This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.
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