Jul 20,2023
Controversy Arises Over UK's Ban on Disposable E-cigarettes as Experts Call for Imposing Excise Tax
The Independent Retailers Association in the UK has recently issued a warning, stating that the policy to ban disposable e-cigarettes will fuel illicit sales and may not achieve its objectives of reducing litter and curbing the appeal of e-cigarettes to children.
The association's warning comes in response to a call by the Local Government Association (LGA) representing local authorities in England and Wales, urging the government to ban the sale and manufacturing of disposable e-cigarettes by 2024.
Montazir Dipoti, Chairman of the Independent Retailers Association, commented, "While banning disposable e-cigarettes may initially seem like a direct and effective way to address youth vaping and littering issues, we, like the anti-smoking organization ASH, believe that such a prohibition could exacerbate the already thriving illicit market."
He added, "E-cigarettes have helped many people quit smoking and have become a part of their lives. Banning them will only make the black market more active. History has shown that the idea of a ban stopping people from accessing a product is extremely optimistic."
Trade organizations in the e-cigarette industry also voiced their opposition to the LGA, labeling such a ban as discriminatory and warning of potential adverse consequences.
Furthermore, Action on Smoking and Health (ASH), a public health charity, also does not support the ban on disposable e-cigarettes, emphasizing that it could lead to unforeseen outcomes. However, the organization reiterated its call for the imposition of an excise tax on disposable e-cigarettes.

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