Aug 17,2023
Flavor Ban on E-cigarettes in Quebec, Canada to Take Effect on October 31st

The Canadian province of Quebec will prohibit the sale of flavored electronic cigarette products other than tobacco or unflavored variants. Additionally, the sale of bottled e-liquids exceeding 30 milliliters and e-cigarette devices with e-liquid capacities surpassing 2 milliliters will be banned. This policy is set to be enforced starting on October 31st this year.


The flavor ban was initially announced in a draft released in April of this year. According to the Quebec Vaping Rights Coalition, over 30,000 Quebec residents provided comments on the proposed ban, yet the Health Ministry made no alterations to the regulations in response to public input.


The Quebec Vaping Rights Coalition anticipates that approximately 400 independent e-cigarette stores in the province will shut down once the flavor ban is officially implemented.


In Canada, the provinces of Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island, New Brunswick, and the Northwest Territories have already implemented flavor bans. The Nunavut Territory has passed a ban, but the implementation date has yet to be determined. Furthermore, the provinces of British Columbia, Ontario, and Saskatchewan limit the sale of flavored products to adult-only shops such as e-cigarette stores.

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