Oct 11,2023
Monaco Plans to Ban Disposable E-Cigarettes
According to the French media outlet Nice-Matin, on October 6, the Monaco government announced that it is in the process of developing legislation to ban disposable e-cigarettes.
Monaco's Minister of Health and Social Affairs, Christophe Robino, stated during a press conference that the legislation is nearly finalized and will soon be submitted to the parliament. He explained that the ban on disposable e-cigarettes is motivated by two key factors. First, it is driven by concerns for the health of young people, which is associated with the nicotine content of these devices. Second, it is motivated by environmental protection, as these battery-powered devices are often casually discarded, contributing to environmental issues.
However, Robino clarified that reusable and rechargeable e-cigarettes will not be affected by this upcoming ban.

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