Feb 24,2023
Take OKK Traveler, travel all over the world, taste different life
Traveling soon, are you still worrying about the carrying and storage of tobacco liquid? Is there a portable, safe and easy-to-use e-cigarette that allows you to enjoy pure and rich flavors at any time? Now, Traveler is here!
Traveler is the latest disposable rechargeable e-cigarette launched by OKK. It has two built-in pods. Each pod has a different flavor, so you can choose according to your mood and taste without frequent replacement. You can use it all day on a single charge, so you don't have to worry about running out of power when you're on the go.

The pods use high-quality e-liquid, which has a strong fragrance and a delicate taste. Moreover, Traveler adopts the atomizing core independently developed by OKK——OKKcoil, which makes full use of the intelligent temperature control technology, which can keep the e-liquid at an optimal temperature continuously, so that the taste of each puff of cigarettes can be kept in the best state.

Compared with traditional electronic cigarettes, Traveler is more portable, with a stylish and unique appearance, like a small suitcase, allowing you to taste all kinds of delicious flavors and show your taste and fashion sense to everyone.

What's more, Traveler allows you to fully enjoy your travels without worrying about various anti-smoking policies and regulations. Whether it is at the airport, hotel, or scenic spot, you can use it freely to make your travel experience richer and more perfect.
Travel all over the world and taste different life. Choose Traveler electronic cigarette and start a journey full of taste and adventure with us.
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WARNING:This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.
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