Mar 03,2023
OKK Cross the tradition, innovate the future, OKK Cross, a new era of electronic cigarettes!
Disposable electronic cigarette is convenient to use, but not environmentally friendly; It is environmentally friendly to replace electronic cigarettes, but the number of cigarettes is small and the price is expensive. Have you ever thought that it would be better to have an electronic cigarette that takes into account both advantages? Cross, it's what you want.

Cross is OKK's latest large-mouth electronic cigarette. Compared with the traditional cartridge replacement electronic cigarette, Cross has a larger cartridge, which can be used for a longer time, so that you don't have to replace the cartridge frequently, and the price is also more affordable. This means that you can spend less money and enjoy smoking for a longer time.

On the other hand, Cross also has the cheap price and convenience of disposable electronic cigarettes. When your cigarette cartridge is used up, you only need to replace it with a new one without worrying about cleaning, maintenance and damage to the cigarette rod. At the same time, Cross's cigarette bombs also have more mouths to smoke, so that you can continue to enjoy a richer taste.
In addition to economy and convenience, Cross also pays attention to environmental protection. In the process of use, you can reuse the cigarette rod instead of replacing the cigarette cartridge. This way can reduce the waste generated by e-cigarettes, protect the environment, and make you an environmentally-friendly consumer.

As the main product of OKK in 2023, Cross also has a beautiful appearance design that allows you to display your taste while smoking. Cross's various colors and textures can match your personality and style. In addition, Cross also uses OKK's original atomization core (OKKcoil) to ensure stable atomization and smooth taste.
Cross not only crosses the boundaries of traditional cartridge replacement and disposable electronic cigarettes, but also provides you with an affordable, convenient and environmentally friendly smoking experience. Let Cross become your new choice for smoking and bring you a better smoking experience.
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WARNING:This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.
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