Dec 06,2023
Australia will ban the import of disposable electronic cigarettes starting from 2024
According to a BBC report, on November 28, the Australian government announced that it would prohibit the import of disposable electronic cigarettes starting from January 1, 2024. In addition, new laws will be introduced to ban the manufacture, promotion, and supply of disposable e-cigarettes in the country.
Since 2021, it has been illegal for any Australian to purchase or import electronic cigarettes or nicotine e-cigarettes without a doctor's prescription. Despite these restrictions, the number of e-cigarette consumers has continued to rise.
"All Australian governments are committed to working together to stop the disturbing growth in vaping among our young people," said Mark Butler, the federal health minister who is leading the ban.
Mr. Butler also mentioned that by March, non-therapeutic refillable e-cigarettes will also be prohibited from entering the country.
Australia initially announced the ban on the import of disposable e-cigarettes in May of this year, but the effective date has now been clarified. The only legal means of purchase is through a prescription from a general practitioner. Butler stated in a release that the Australian government will allocate AUD 75 million to departments such as border forces to implement the new regulations.
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