Nov 20,2023
Doubo Makes Debut at Indonesia's VAPE FIRE 2023 Expo, Receives Praise
On November 11-12, the Indonesia Vape Exhibition (VAPE FIRE 2023) took place as scheduled at the Jakarta Convention Center (JCC).
Indonesia, being the world's third-largest tobacco market with around 60 million smokers, attracted numerous e-cigarette brands to participate in this exhibition, including OKK. At the event, OKK not only showcased its classic series such as CROSS, CROSS Ⅱ, TRAVELLER Ⅱ but also unveiled its latest product, Doubo. OKK's products, distinguished by their unique and innovative designs, captured the attention of many, with Doubo standing out as the highlight.

Doubo is a pod system e-cigarette. The name "Doubo" comes from its ability to simultaneously hold two pods, with one serving as a spare hidden within the device. This feature eliminates the concern of running out of pods when users are away from home. Additionally, Doubo can be equipped with refillable pods to meet market demands. At the exhibition, numerous distributors and e-cigarette enthusiasts visited OKK's booth to experience Doubo, providing high praise for the product.

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